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Friday, March 8

  • Registration

    Conference Center Lobby

  • Pin Traders and Exhibitors Setup

  • Vision Screening Training

  • LEBW Transporter Meeting

  • Cabinet Meeting Dinner

    Pre-registration required.

  • District Cabinet Meeting

  • Hospitality

    Featuring a cash bar and DJ Lion Dan Ziegler.

  • Candidate Hospitality

Saturday, March 9

  • Registration

    Conference Center Lobby

  • Delegate Certification

    Conference Center Lobby

  • Pin Traders and Exhibitors

  • Opening Session / Keynote Speaker / Necrology

    8:30 DG Welcome (DG Jeff Winkler)
    8:40 Keynote (John Stofflet)
    9:20 Necrology (Lion Bruce Voight)

  • Breakout Sessions

    Media Relations (John Stofflet)
    Admin vs Activity (Lion Bruce Voight)
    Estate Planning (Lion Brent Eisberner)

  • Breakout Sessions

    Pushed or Pulled – Why Lions Leave (PDG Judy Hatz)
    Where Are Our Next Leaders (Lion Adam Crowson & PCC Tammy Rockenbach)
    Art of Recruitment (PDG Jodi Burmester)

  • Keynote Luncheon

    ID Joanne Ogden address, awards and recognition

  • Breakout Sessions

    Youth Services (Jay Keifer, Briar Patch)
    Service is Everything (Lion Steve Pogue)
    Caring Canines (Lion Missy Dickson)

  • Service Projects

    Backpacks for Homeless Teens
    T-Shirts for Pediatric Cancer Patients
    Snuffle Mats for Leader Dogs
    Caring Canines

  • Business Meeting & Nominations

  • DGs, VDGs, and PIDs meet with International Director

  • Voting for 2024-25 District Leadership

  • Social Hour

    Cash bar

  • Banquet & Premier Trivia