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  • Caesar Salad
  • Penne with Alfredo Sauce and Marinara Sauce
  • Grilled Chicken Piccata
  • Chef Selection of Vegetable
  • Garlic Breadsticks
  • Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

Keynote Speaker Bio

Joanne Ogden, International Director

International Director Joanne Ogden

Joanne Ogden from Emo, Ontario, Canada, was elected to serve a two-year term as an international director of Lions Clubs International at the association’s 105th International Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, July 7 through July 11, 2023.

Director Ogden has more than 38 years of experience as a registered nurse. She is currently health program supervisor for the Naicatchewenin First Nation, where she oversees and supervises programs for community health and home care nursing. Previously, she worked for 18 years in Intensive Care and has also published several articles on wound care.

From a young age, she was taught the importance of doing her best for her family, neighbors and community. Although she did not originally intend to become a Lion, she chose to join the Emo and District Lions Club in 2010 in order to assist her community in chartering a new club. Since then, she has made an even bigger difference in the lives of her neighbors and community. In 2020, she transferred to the Northwestern Ontario Cyber Lions Club where she continues to serve to this day.

She has held a number of offices within the association including Guiding Lion and multiple district GMT coordinator. She has served as multiple district 5M’s director for KidSight as well as the Lions Foundation of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Additionally, she was a district strategy planner for the NAMI pilot.

In recognition of her service to the association, she has received numerous awards including an International President’s Award and an International President’s Leadership Award. She has been honored as a recipient of the Stu Peever Award as well as the 5M10 Kindness Matters Award. She is also a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow.

In addition to her Lions activities, Director Ogden is active in numerous professional and community organizations including her service as a board member and chairperson for Riverside Health Care. Her dedication to improving the health and wellness of the Indigenous peoples of Canada has been recognized and honored with the Award of Excellence in Nursing.

Director Ogden and her husband, Kent, who is also a Lion and Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow, have been married since 1985. Their two daughters, Chelsey and Riley, are also both Lions. They have two grandchildren named Lauren and Cassidy. Their granddaughter Cassidy plans to join her family as a Lion on her birthday following high school graduation.

In her spare time, Director Ogden raises Arabian horses, golfs and fishes with her husband, or relaxes with her three miniature dachshunds. During the winter, her family enjoys staying with Cuban family in Cayo Santa Maria.

This year, Director Ogden will be traveling with PDG Angela Sharbot, who is a member of the Atikokan Lions Club, chairperson of Lions Foundation Dog Guides and Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow.

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Saturday, March 9
ID Joanne Ogden address, awards and recognition